A New Party Concept

Why do we need political parties?  We have a Constitution, and we have a Supreme Court.  People can run for political office in the various states, but what purpose does a political party serve?  Why not just allow people to run for office, be elected and then hash it out in congress?

A political party is about discipline of a sort.  Discipline is fine if the discipline is to a number of set and publicly known and understood principles.  However when the discipline takes the form of control by very few people with an unspoken agenda, we have a serious problem.

At present, the two dominant political parties in the USA have come to that place where real power rests in the hands of very few in congress.  The remainder of congress, each in their own party, acts in accordance with the wishes of those very few or lacks the numbers to oppose them effectively.  As often as not, they act in opposition or away from their own and their party’s stated principles and campaign promises.  With today’s narrow Republican/Democrat margins in congress, it usually only takes a few to defect in order to blunt an initiative, especially in the senate.

Because it is difficult to believe that everyone elected to congress is corrupt from the start, never intending to fight for and win the policy they said they favored with their campaign promises and those which their party platform claims to favor, one has to assume that arriving in Washington is a shock for many.  That is, once installed there, they are now expected to court donors to produce money for the party and for their campaigns.   Handed donation quotas by party congressional bosses, when do they have time to read and study legislation?  More importantly, what promises must they make to acquire the donations?   As for voting on specific issues and in specific instances, they are simply to vote as they are told to vote…by those very few controlling the party in congress.  Failing to perform in kind, their stay is guaranteed to be a short one.  Some are no doubt happy to go along, enjoying the increase in their personal power and influence.  Others who disapprove may come to the realization that if they leave it will only open the door for someone less principled than themselves and so hoping for a window of opportunity to bring some reason to bear, stay on in spite of their disapproval.  A very few others simply rebel and end up losing influential committee seats and re-election campaign dollars from the party.

Is this the congress envisioned by our founders?  The FPA believes that it is not, and as we see how our political theater plays out, it’s plain to see that the nation is not better off for it.  The lofty and demonstrably superior ends of personal liberty and personal responsibility we knew for two centuries have gone by the wayside in favor of government stewardship of business, industry and our very activities of daily living.  Representative government is increasingly merely an old symbol and less and less a reality.

Control of the parties by very few is what has permitted this to happen.  Increasingly, those in control are setting up legislation which also controls the very process, making it increasingly difficult for challenges to the two main parties to emerge.

Without absolute discipline to the party platform, there is no need for a new party of any description.

Most conservatives, independents and Republican voters agree for the most part with the stated GOP platform.  Where it breaks down is that the Republicans we elect don’t adhere to it.  Had Republicans energetically supported their own platform through the past several decades, would there be a need for a new party?  Would we be where we are today as a nation?  We need look no further back in time to 2017 when senators who ran for re-election on “We will repeal Obamacare in its entirety!” voted against repeal when it came up for a vote.  They voted against their party, but it was enough to defeat the question which would otherwise have carried, relegating Obamacare to merely a disgusting memory.  Yet those senators remain party members in good standing!  How can that be?  Unless there is a mechanism in the party which prevents such treachery and deceit, the same thing will take place again in any new party.  The same corrupting influences of money and  “special interests” will get inside and run some of the key people in our government.  Without the ability to block the special interests, there is no rationale for a new party.

The FPA (Freedom Party America) is a party which will exercise control and discipline over its delegates to congress.  Policy will emanate from a broad base of people, not from a very few.  Two members of the LAPC (Legislative Agenda and Policy Committee) from each of the fifty states and the party chairman will make all policy and voting decisions. Those decisions will then be passed along as voting instructions to all the party’s members of congress.  Far from making personal decisions on a given vote, the FPA’s members of congress are merely the instrument of the party’s policies.

The FPA members of congress and those in the party making policy decisions have taken an oath of allegiance to the party’s platform.  Failing to uphold it, they will be expelled from the party.  Thus, if a registered American voter wants to know what the party stands for and what the party’s delegates to congress will be working for – and against – the voter needs only to read the party’s platform, for the two will be one and the same.  There will be no “Mavericks” and no surprise votes.  There will be no wholesale abandonment of the party’s platform or governing precepts such as that we’ve witnessed in the GOP for decades.  Campaigning on smaller government and fiscal responsibility, they have steadfastly grown the federal government and helped to increase spending beyond reason, among other deviations.  As things stand today, once installed in office, with campaign promises a distant memory, our members of congress are taking their voting instructions from people we don’t see or know.  With the FPA, you’ll know in advance who is handing out the voting instructions and in what spirit.  Anyone voting for a member of the FPA will be assured that, if our candidate is elected, he or she will later represent that voter as the voter expected.   The party will demand it. The FPA will return true fidelity in representation to its party members.

An additional control against corruption is in place with the LAPC.  Its members are changed annually.  Due to there being 101 members changing annually, all of whom have sworn allegiance to the platform, scattered across the fifty states, how can they be corrupted?  Even if they had been corrupted, they would be unable to recommend against the written platform.  As noted previously, the party’s members of congress may not vote except as directed to vote by the LAPC.  This applies also to the introduction and co-sponsoring of legislation.  No FPA congressional delegate may do either without prior approval of the LAPC, which will first ascertain that any such new legislation dovetails with stated party policy.  Finally, lobbies may court FPA congressional delegates and LAPC members, but they will be given no more consideration than any other voter and no votes they seek will be cast, unless the subject first proves to be in accordance with FPA written and publicly visible policy goals and ideals.

As the United States continues to move in the direction of total control by the federal government, the FPA seeks to provide a path to return power to the people and to the states in accordance with the US constitution, while returning the federal government to its design function of providing an umbrella of infrastructure for the fifty states and the common defense.  The federal government was never designed for the purpose of income redistribution or choosing winners and losers while micro-managing the nation’s people.  Income redistribution carried on privately is called “theft”.  This sort of governing example has proven time and again to fail the people it claims to serve, serving only the myth of well-being in order to permit operation of entire nations for the benefit of a very elite few.

There is nothing outdated about liberty or the concept of equal opportunity under the law.  The FPA seeks to return that slowly disappearing liberty and opportunity to the people of the United States.


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