FPA is a grass-roots start-up.  We need donations to fund the following expense line items in order to establish an effective presence for the advancement of a constructive conservative agenda.  You’ve already seen the agenda and approve if you’re on this page.  Some of those items follow:

  • National Web Site-To include platform, links to Twitter, Facebook etc, Volunteer signup section, national map with states outlined. Click on a state and it takes you to the state web site. $2,000.00
  • Internet connection $40.00 per month
  • 800 Number   $15.00 per Month
  • 3 Computers, 1 printer $2,500.00
  • Office space in Mt Vernon Ohio @ $650.00 Per Month. $7,800 per yr.
  • Stationary, Brochures, Trifold mailers, printing etc.  $ 1,000
  • Consulting services for Graphic Design, Social Media tracking, web site Development and Maintenance. $ 25,000
  • Fund Raisers $ 50,000
  • Media Consultant Radio, TV and internet. $ 36,000

Simultaneously with the foundation of the national committee and offices, the FPA will be seeking to establish a presence in all fifty states.  Your donations will be critical to the success of our efforts and the creation of a political party which exists to serve the interests of the people, not special interests and elites.

As we have yet to establish credit relations with major bank cards (see expense list above), please make checks out to Freedom Party America and mail to:

Freedom Party America
27400 Cavallo Rd.
Danville, OH 43014


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