Why A New Party?

Tea Parties all over the country have formed and have been meeting now for many years. What have they accomplished? They meet and talk; they vent and analyze and they leave the meeting knowing exactly what needs to be done.

Similarly, the pundits have made wonderful businesses out of our concerns and we listen to them, like Rush and Sean Hannity. We send our dollars to The Heritage Foundation, The American Conservative Union/CPAC, Hillsdale College and many other websites and organizations. They all know what needs to be done too.  Yet for all the talk and analysis, we still lack an effective voice in our political affairs.

We — conservatives/Republican voters —  are actually a majority, though the press tries to make us believe that we are a minority – and if we live in their media, they can be quite convincing. But if we look outside their media, talking with the people we know, we know we are the majority. Do we not dare to recognize it?  We all know at some level that where we are going as a nation – or being taken – is wrong for us, wrong for America.

What if you went to work every day, spent your day analyzing, discussing and acting – but nothing came of your labor? What if you were correct in all your analyses, determined what the fix was, had the ability to perform the fix – but then did nothing?

Isn’t that where American conservatives are today? But why? Why do we fail to act?

It’s simple: conservatives are relying on a powerful political party, the Republican Party,  to perform the fix for them, to be the instrument which corrects the wrongs…and that party will never, ever be the answer.

Haven’t we seen enough already to know that? Remember how the GOP sank Barry Goldwater? Then there was the “Reagan Revolution” – that didn’t last long because it really never went beyond Reagan’s persona. Then we had the “Contract With America”, until they purged the leader. Later we had a GOP, Bush White House for eight years and for some of that time we also had a Republican majority in the House and Senate. What happened? They grew government massively. They steadily facilitated liberal policy gains. Can you recall President Bush vetoing anything? Then they put a Chief Justice in the Supreme Court who ruled that the ACA was a “tax” and thus constitutional! All along the way, they have sat idly by while bureaucracies and federal judges have increasingly usurped their (our) legislative prerogatives. How long will it be before congress becomes irrelevant, reduced to shaking down corporations and investigating baseball players? We elected a “conservative” president. We rejected all the GOP’s designated candidates and went for the brilliant outsider who wanted what we want.  What has happened since?  That same GOP has stood by allowing the corrupt, partisan Democrat bureaucracy to hamstring their own president!  A lesser man would be gone by now.  At this writing President Trump has hung on. Yet despite revelations from one committee and from one book to the next, detailing incontrovertible evidence of the transgressions and illegalities of the Left, there hasn’t been a single indictment.  On the other hand, the attempt to indict/impeach the president based on “evidence” known to be fraudulent from the start continues with nothing but lip service in GOP opposition.  Does anyone still believe that under GOP stewardship a congressional majority and the White House will render the policy necessary to right this listing ship of state?  There’s no chance. The GOP won’t shut out the lobbies and their corrupting money nor will they truly represent their electorate.

What more does a rational person need to know before he understands that there is a power structure within and outside the GOP that wants all that progressive policy and which also opposes conservative and even constitutional public policy? Conservatives have attempted to work within the party for decades, without any real impact: our nation continues its drift into government by and for the government and favored elites. They change rules as they go to keep us out. We will never penetrate to the core and gain control, but even if conservatives could manage to do that, there are features of the GOP rules as well as House and Senate rules which would eventually put us right back where we started. It’s past time to forget them and begin again with a clean slate.

Why not leave the GOP? What’s stopping you? Why keep doing the same old thing, getting the same old result? Is the direction of the nation important to you? Check out our “New Party Concept” and find out how the FPA will not allow the corruption to creep into its structure. Then join us and help to organize in your state. The sooner we’re organized the sooner we can put candidates on ballots.


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